Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces 2022

Neptune - Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces.
You yes YOU, have the ability to shift things exponentially today. You always hold this power and today you get an extra boost from the stars. Read on for journaling prompts.
If you would like to watch our brief overview of the energy and ritual work we associate with the Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces - here's a short video for you:
Prompts for journaling:
• Where do I feel the greatest sense of fear?

• How would I behave if I cared less about approval and being 'likeable'?
• In what way do I feel like an imposter and what actions could I take that would make me feel more authentic through my own perspective?
• Who have I been relying on or surrounded by that makes me feel as though I need to trust their judgement over my own gut (intuition)?
• What areas am I truly proud of and happy about in my life when I stop comparing my experience to others?
This does require shadow work on our parts. Being able to truly see how our lives, relationships, and experiences are unfolding and ultimately how we play a role in that.
Giving up the need for approval from peers, family, and social media. Looking internally to address the need for seeking false prophets and/or spiritual leaders.
Your guides are with you, your DNA holds the inner workings of your true path and connection, so it's time to tune into that. It's your time!
You are so magickal and powerful. Each being is designed to inspire, uplift, and create not only for themselves but for others.
Call on the energy of these planetary bodies, your ancestors, and your guides for your shift.
Journal, voice record, or document via video your expressions and desires. Expect results and know that they will come in the time it takes to align with these shifts that were prompted with the aforementioned questions.

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  • You are so calming and easy to listen to I just love you
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