Which Bundle is Right For Me?

With so many herb bundles to choose from, picking one that feels right for you can be overwhelming. While we often have those that stop in the shop, touch, smell, and interact with the herb so that get a read on their personal connection - this isn't possible when you need to grab your supplies online. 

Here's our handy reference for herb bundles, [often called smudge or smudge sticks] we offer in-store and online to help you choose what fits.

Click any of the bundle names below to view it or shop!

Bay Leaf

Powerful manifestation. Strong protection. Break bonds, cut cords, and release attachment to outcome.


Cleanse and create an energy of grounding and stability.

Cedar and Lavender

Cleanse with the energy or Cedar. Lavender and Cedar combined create a powerful calming and grounding couple.

Cedar and Rosemary

Deep cleansing, warding, protection, and reset of energetic 'stability' comes with Cedar and Rosemary.


Enhance clarity for the mind. Eucalyptus facilitates and clean energetic experience and allows for ease of divination.

Eucalyptus and Rosemary

This pair is best of deep energy work, especially when multiple parties are involved. Allows for clear communication, and warding of negative energy exchanges.

Eucalyptus and Yerba Santa

Clearing and healing is what this pair brings. Yerba Santa allows for better connection to spirit and ancestors.


Call in the energy of love, protection, and good luck. Natural 'clearing' of blockages.


Ideal for deep divination and spiritual work. Spirit contact and moon cycle work is amplified with this herb.


An herb that helps strengthen bonds, enhance protection, and increase stability of energy.


Ward and protect your space. Calls in the energy of prosperity and fortune through ideal channels.

Rosemary and Lavender

Calls in the energy abundance, clarity, and calm. Best for high-stress and 'negative' environments.


Wards off the evil eye, and clears up miscommunications and misfortune brought about by others.

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