Intuition Strengthening Ritual

The ritual is meant to help build trust & power in your intuition & connection to guides/ancestors for improved guidance into a new phase!

Here's what you'll need:

      1. Begin by clearing your space.

      2. Now write your desire to release blockages surrounding connections to guides and intuition - e.g. 'I release doubt and allow my connection to my guides and my intuition to flow freely.'

      3. Take a moment to gaze at the moon if possible, or visualize its glow.

      4. Now light the candle - imagining the warm light emanating is the same glowing light that you saw in the face of the moon.

      5. As your candle burns, pull out your Tarot cards and use the glowing light of the candle to guide you through the deck until you find the Moon card.

      6. Place the Moon card under the glass of water.

      7. Now hold your piece of paper over the open flame (BE CAREFUL). Visualize the light of the moon breaking up blockages and stagnation.

      8. Drop the burning paper into the glass of water - visualizing the blockages dissolving in the watery energy of the full moon.

      9. This glass of water and ash can be poured outside under a tree as an offering.

        TIP: Choose 3 signs or symbols as guide posts. Ex - seeing 333 means I am on the right path and my intuitive ability is expanding.

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