Looking to learn more about Mxd Magic sourcing and disclaimers?

Herb Sourcing

The Mxd Magic herb menu is full of organic and wild-crafted herbs. We work with farms and companies across the US to find the highest quality, responsibly-sourced herbs, roots, and spices to support you in your craft. Please keep in mind that we present information based on lore, personal experience, and community experience. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are intended for entertainment and curio purposes. The products and information provided on this site are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Consult a licensed physician prior to incorporating any herbal item into your regimen. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Crystal and Specimen Sourcing

Here at Mxd Magic we do our absolute best to present crystals and specimens that are responsibly-sourced. What does this mean? We work with a select few crystal and specimen vendors that denote the source of the crystals and specimens we choose. We take into consideration the location from which the crystals are mined, how all those involved in the process are treated, and finally the quality and integrity not only behind the product offered but the companies themselves. If we determine that these goals are not being met within a partnership we discontinue our relationship. It is our desire that when you hold the crystals you find here at Mxd Magic in-store or from your online order that you FEEL the energy of the piece and the time taken by those we work with to lovingly present it to you. 

Mxd Magic Made Products

The products crafted for you here at Mxd Magic are made with the same intention and desire for quality that we look for in our partners. This means our baths, sprays, oils, and candles are all crafted with organic, wild-crafted, and responsibly sourced ingredients. Having extreme sensitivity and allergies and working with many others that do, we consider this in our overall process and test our hand-crafted goods to ensure efficacy, quality, and how our unique bodies respond to topical items. Should you have any inquiries about a specific product to ensure it's the right fit not only for your craft, but for your physical body, please feel to email us at info@mxdmagic.com.