About Us

Hi there! DC here - I am the owner and operator of the woman-owned metaphysical supply and herb shop - Mxd Magic. I'm grateful to have you here and excited to share our story with you!

How did Mxd Magic Begin?

Mxd Magic itself was created in 2018. My practice extends outside of this time frame as I've experimented with many spiritual modalities since I was a kid! I originally worked alone after my "9-5" crafting candles, sprays, and charms for family members and friends. I offered tarot readings to the same lot and grew confidence in my abilities as I felt more comfortable. I eventually decided to quit my "9-5" and open a brick and mortar store. Enter Mxd Magic!

Why did I open Mxd Magic?

Mxd Magic was not only a form of self exploration, but a community exploration. I was fatigued with working in a corporate setting as I wanted an opportunity to engage with others, share experiences, encourage, and provide space for spiritual acceptance and exploration. I also wanted an opportunity to really dig my heels into the world of herbs, roots, and how they impact our daily lives, and magick. I was and still am so excited and enthralled by how much this path has changed my life that I have a natural inclination to want to share it with others in hopes of it enriching their lives the way it has mine, and those that I love.

Why is it called "Mxd Magic"?

We get this question a lot! Mxd Magic stands for mixed magic. This means that we believe that no one path or set of practices is the right one. Each of us has the wonderful and excited opportunity to truly explore, learn, and grow within our own craft. We hold the upmost respect for each tradition and practice and offer books, curios, icons, and many other items that help one explore their own path. While we don't attempt to partake in closed practices - we do try our best to offer a little something for everyone in the community that may be looking!

What is the goal of Mxd Magic?

Our goal is to create a warm, and welcome space for all of those looking to learn, expand their spiritual practice, and feel a sense of community. My favorite thing to hear in the store is "it feels good in here", and that's because in a world that presents us with a lot of chaos and disharmony we want a space that feels balanced, open, and inviting. We often have curious visitors asking "What is this place?" or "What's all of this stuff for?", and our goal is to invite those questions so that everyone feels comfortable asking and learning. Heck, we learn just as much from our community members everyday!

How long have you been practicing and what do you practice?

This is another question I get often! As the shop owner it's only natural that you'd want to know more about what I practice. In short I am an Appalachian Folk Magick practitioner and have been my whole life. My family (on both sides, I recently learned!) stems from the Appalachian Mountains. I didn't know it when I was younger but many of the "superstitions" and everyday habits would be what I would grow up to lean on and into for my practice.