Candle Color Magick: for spells, rituals, meditation, and more!

Taking a look at a shop full of candles with a variety of colors, hues, and sizes can be overwhelming! Maybe you have a collection of candles at home, or have been gifted a couple of candles and you would like to delve deeper into their meaning as you work with the magick of color!

We are going to approach candle color meanings from a variety of angles, but there’s something that should always be said before you follow our guidance, or that of anyone outside of yourself: magic is personal! 

We encourage you to review your own feelings surrounding different colors and how you would apply and work with that as it pertains to candles!



Red is often associated with passion, love, lust, intensity, aggression, blood, life-force, and the base of our energetic systems. 

Working with Red Candles:
• Love
• Lust
• Passion
• Fire
• Energetic intensity
• Renewal of energy
• Grounding energy


Green is often associated with nature, abundance, prosperity, money, growth, love, the heart space, renewal, balance, harmony, bearing fruit, greed, and envy.

Working with Green Candles:
• Money
• Abundance
• Prosperity
• Growth
• Love
• Heart space healing
• Renewal
• Harmony
• Blocking or encouraging envy
• Earth Element


Blue is often associated with calm energy, water, healing energy, kindness, court cases, cooling energy, and communication.

Working with Blue Candles:
• Healing energy
• Communication
• Court cases
• Encourage kindness
• Water Element
• Cool-off work
• Calming energy


Purple is often associated with the energy of royalty, power, achieving goals, psychic enhancement, dreamwork, and calming energy.

Working with Purple Candles:
• Power
• Authority
• Royalty/Crown of Success
• Achieve goals
• Psychic abilities
• Dreamwork
• Calming energy


Yellow is often associated with the energy of the brilliance, glory, happiness, joy, positivity, the end of a dark period, confidence, success, and connection to source.

Working with Yellow Candles:
• Happiness
• Joy
• Positivity
• Confidence
• Fame
• Success
• Connection to source/others
• Fire Element


Orange is often associated with the energy of fire, warmth, creativity, courage, optimism, and road opening.

Working with Orange Candles:
• Element of Fire
• Warmth
• Creativity
• Courage
• Optimism
• Road Opening


Pink is often associated with nurturing energy, love, compassion, caring, heart space energy work, connection, friendship, and family. 

Working with Pink Candles:
• Love
• Compassion
• Caring
• Heart space
• Connection
• Friendship
• Family


Brown is often associated with the earth, grounding energy, our furry friends, security, stability, loyalty, and working with the earth and plants.

Working with Brown Candles:
• Element of Earth
• Grounding
• Pets
• Security
• Stability
• Loyalty
• Gardening


Grey is often associated with balancing, the shadow self, calming, stability, neutrality, wisdom, and invisibility. 

Working with Grey Candles:
• Balance
• Shadow-work
• Calming
• Stability
• Neutrality
• Invisibility
• Wisdom


White is often associated with cleansing, brightening, uplifting, connection to guides/ancestors, and clarity.

Working with White Candles:
• Cleansing
• Brightening
• Uplifting
• Clarity
• Connection to spirit guides
• Connection to ancestors



Black is often associated with mystery, shadows, night, protection, banishing, uncrossing/crossing, transformation, and endings.

Working with Black Candles:
• Banishing
• Protection
• Shadow-work
• Night
• Uncrossing
• Crossing
• Transformation
• Endings


Silver is often associated with the Moon or Lunar energy in which emotions and the subconscious come to the surface or are shadowed. Some choose to work with silver to help call in deities or energies that align with the metal. 

Working with Silver Candles:
• Moon cycle connection
• Reflection
• Mirror work
• Wisdom
• Technology
• Intuition


Gold is often associated with the Sun or Solar energy in which we express outwardly and enjoy the warmth of a season, period, or experiences. Some choose to work with gold to help call in deities or energies that align with the metal. Those that need assistance in boosting their Sun-sign energy in their birth chart may also find this helpful. While some may simply need to bring their bright-shining selves to the light!

Working with Gold Candles:
• Prosperity
• Ego
• Warmth
• Element of Fire
• Vitality
• Growth
• Abundance
• Light


Copper is often considered a conductor of energy and for this reason many may choose to work with it to help enhance energy generally. Copper is associated with Venus, the planet of love, grace, beauty, creativity, and sensuality. Some may choose to work with copper to help call in deities or energies that align with the metal. 

Working with Copper Candles:
• Energy enhancement 
• Prosperity
• Beauty
• Vitality
• Love
• Creativity
• Poetry/Writing
• Music
• Sensuality

What are your thoughts on candle color magick? Do you often work with candles for spell casting, rituals, and mediation? Leave a comment below, and be sure to tell us what you would like to learn more about!

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