Beginner Witchcraft on a Budget

A question asked often is what one would need to get started in witchcraft. Surprisingly, you most likely have or can easily acquire most of the items you need to simply get started. 

Now, the list below is a simple breakout for you to reference and utilize to start gathering tools around your home or room:

  • Candles - jar candles, t-lights, birthday candles, taper candles, etc.
  • Herbs & Spices - salt, pepper, rosemary, cayenne, garlic, onion, and bay.
  • Containers - recycled condiment jars, pickle jars, tea tins, etc.
  • Incense - lavender, rose, cedar, eucalyptus, and dragons blood (if you can only have one - choose eucalyptus).
  • Essential Oil Sprays* - eucalyptus, mint, or lavender. 
  • Personal Items - charms, symbols, or pictures.

Here we will breakdown what each item can be used for in your craft. Read the full blog for details or watch the video below



Generally speaking candles are inherently magickal. The use of the element of fire and air to keep a flame going act as a means of helping to radiate desires up and out. 

Ways to use candles in magickal practice:
If you have a container candle you can go about removing the scent label (not the warning label). Once you have a workable service you can use a sharpie to draw on symbols, glyph or sigils that correspond with the intended workings. 

For example: If you desire to call in the energy of love, beauty, grace, and deepen bonds and loyalty you can draw on the glyph for Venus - ♀ 
Once you draw this speak your desires to connect with the energy of this planet, and detail any other desires you may have on a piece of paper to place below that candle, or on the candle jar itself. 

Always be mindful of your intentions and visualize/understand the result of the ultimate outcome. Typically work like this is best done on self in the beginning e.g. doing a self-love spell.

As for smaller candles - a similar method can be applied by writing intentions and symbols on a piece of paper and burning it atop the paper. 

A variety of other uses come to mind when working with candles, such as cord cutting, release rituals, and flame scrying. Make it your own!

Herbs & Spices

A mistake beginners often make is feeling as though they can't start spellwork without a space full of herbs and supplies. Let's be honest - not everyone has the resources and funds at their disposal, so let's turn to the spice cabinet!

Ways to use common herbs:

Table salt is can be sprinkled on the floor and swept up and out for simple energy clearing. A bit of table salt and lemon can be added to a bath to help clear your energetic field. Salt also represents earth and can be utilized in the craft for casting circles or calling in grounding/protective energy. 

Cayenne and black pepper are ideal for creating protection around a home or space. Just be mindful that pepper barriers are not coming into contact with local wildlife or pets. Another use for peppers is to 'heat up' a connection. Blend a bit of cayenne with honey and add to a candle with the intention of bringing passion to a connection. 

A great way to keep enemies at bay! Write the name of a person you'd like to keep away from on a slip of paper. Now, take a single peeled garlic clove, make 3 small cuts in the clove and wrap the name around the clove. Bind the paper to the clove with string. Roll it away from you and speak the desire '[name of person] stay away from me, find my presence offensive, and steer clear willingly.' Bury the clove and paper under a tree under a full moon. 
This method can also be used with an onion - ultimately the more intense the smell or the item used the better, as the intention is to make you (the worker) unappealing to be around. 

Bay and Rosemary

Both of these herbs are great for cleansing and clearing a space. You can utilize them in baths, simmer pots, burn them, and even use them in floor sweeps. A tea can be brewed and sipped when you feel particularly drained energetically speaking. Following an internal cleanse you'll want to rest, and eat well to bring in more balanced energy. 



Jars, boxes, tea tins, and many other containers can be used for a variety of workings. Think of containers that can be recycled for storing herbs, moon water, making, spell jars, etc. Get creative! 


Incense and Essential Oil Sprays

The two are combined in this as some can't burn incense in their space, and can utilize essential oil sprays as a substitute. Incense can be used for cleansing a space, calling in energy, enhancing or sending up desires, and so much more. Be sure to pick a spray or incense that matches your intention. 


Personal Items

Often times we choose jewelry, tapestries, create drawings, and take pictures of things that we connect with on a spiritual level. These items are very unique and personal to YOU! To more directly connect workings to you and those you care about you can utilize pictures at your altar or during a spell. Jewelry and charms can be placed by you or intentionally handled during a spell to help attach the energy and intention to it. 
For example: You burn cedar, light a black candle, and set up a pepper barrier around your space all while carrying or wearing a favorite necklace with the intention of it absorbing and sending out the same energy as the protection work you are practicing. 


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  • LOVE this – thank you. Sharing with my 18 year old who has been on this path a while but I am just getting on it.

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