Have I Been Hexed?

We are often asked how one can tell if they are hexed. Unfortunately, the answer really isn’t a simple one - it’s complex in that many of the signs and symptoms of a hex are similar to the inconveniences and upsets that happen in day-to-day life.

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So let’s start with potential symptoms:

  • Ongoing fatigue.
  • Foggy minded or confused on topics and areas you once felt well-versed.
  • Accident prone.
  • String of bad luck - ie. flat tires, breaking your cellphone, etc.
  • Flies, waterbugs, roaches, or other pests follow you or infest your space.
  • Nightmares, or stressful dreams.

Now, these are just a few and ultimately they really can be attributed to a number of things that happen to anyone on any given day. Give yourself a wellness check first before moving into the realm of “Oh, sh*t I’m hexed.”

Wellness check:

  • Am I hydrated?
  • Have I been eating well?
  • Have I maintained a consistent sleep schedule (to the best of my abilities)?
  • Am I minimizing exposure to excessive consumption of things that could cause some of these symptoms?
  • Am I planning and preparing for proper upkeep on vehicles, devices, etc.?
  • Have I cleared my home of sources that could draw in pests?
  • Have I reached out for help or spoken with friends/family about daily stressors?

If you feel like you’ve cleared the wellness check maybe it’s time to move on to some of the more significant indicators.

In extreme instances you’ll notice the following happening around the same time-frame:

  • Personal items have gone missing - hair brush, underwear, pictures.
  • Seeing shadow figures or the sense of being watched (talk with a healthcare provider if this is ongoing).
  • Sudden loss of job, friendships, or relationships. 
  • Strange items appearing around your home or property with no explainable source - powders, jars, sachets, nails, glass.
  • Pets acting erratically. 
  • Sleep paralysis.

If these symptoms are relatable and the wellness check has been cleared, it may be time to move onto performing a hex test or move straight into performing a Return to Sender. 

Consider things like:
A Return to Sender spiritual bath - here.
A 7-day Reverse Candle - these are our favorite.
And Protection Oils to prevent the energy from returning - here is our blend.

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