What are some ways I can work with crystals?


"How do I work with crystals? What should I do with crystals?"

These are two of the most popular questions we are asked at Mxd Magic! 

Now, to start - it’s important to remember that YOU are the true source and power of your own magick and experience. What do we mean by that? Well, ultimately we can give you tips and pointers, but as you grow and expand in your practice you’ll come to know that your intuition and inspired action is your best source of information!


The Basics

Crystals truly are our friends, and they help to encourage and facilitate energy you desire in your life. By simply choosing a crystal you are aligning yourself with its energy and calling on it to become a part of your life experience.

Pocket, Bags, Jewelry, and Clothing

The most powerful way to work with a crystal is by carrying it with you like you would any important item. Much like your phone, a crystal holds important energy and access so simply by carrying your crystal in your pocket, bag, or on your person you are connecting with that energy! Many of our visitors grab a crystal cage necklace or a bag and take their crystals wherever life leads them!

Car, Home, Office

Notice that you get a little tense…dare I say filled with RAGE in the midst of traffic because yet another person has cut you off and made a shocking/dangerous move right before your eyes? Well, maybe a couple of crystals might help encourage peace and centeredness while engaging in situations outside of our control. Placing a couple of crystals in your cup holder, glove compartment (why is it still called this? Can we rename this the tissue, melted chapstick, and crystal compartment?) to help create the desired energy in your car.

The office or workplace is yet another space where the actions or events that are outside of our personal control can cause some energetic *ahem* imbalances in ourselves. Trust me when I say I stacked my desk and pockets with Selenite, Amethyst, Onyx, and Rose Quartz before entering my old job! My crystal friends definitely provided support during stressful meetings.

Home sweet home! Oh how we want to feel peace, safety and comfort in the space we call home. Depending on your situation - home may be mobile, home can mean a shared space, or a temporary space, and that’s the beauty of crystals - they travel with and support you no matter where home is. So place it where it feels right, wherever you lay your head at night. 


Meditation Space

Meditation! Are we good at that yet? I’m still working on it, what about you? Crystals are often used during meditation to enhance focus, deepen spiritual connections, and promote relaxation. They can be held, placed on the body, or positioned around the meditation space. Again, do what feels right for you!

Crystal Gridding

Crystal grids involve arranging crystals in specific geometric patterns to amplify their energies and intentions. They are often used for manifestation, healing, and protection. Grids can be created for various purposes, and the choice of crystals and the pattern used depends on the desired outcome.


Cleansing and Protection

Some crystals, such as clear quartz and selenite, are believed to have the ability to absorb and transmute negative energies. Some can be used to cleanse, amplify, and purify the energy of a person, space, or other crystals.

You’ll probably notice when you enter the shop that we place Black Tourmaline over the entry doors. Why? It helps filter negative energy and protect the space. You can work with protective crystals in your home, or office entryways such as doors and windows. 

WOW! Crystals are so helpful and versatile. Can you tell we have a lot to say about the many ways you can work with crystals? Well, stay tuned, bestie. We’ll be diving into more specific crystal practices in the coming weeks!

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