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Psychic Enhancement Spiritual Bath

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    Psychic Enhancement allows one to deeply connect with source, spirit, guides, and/or ancestors. During periods of time where psychic or intuitive messages may feel "blocked" or "unclear" the Psychic Enhancement Spiritual Bath can help one connect with their higher self, and open their minds eye to other realms. Psychic Enhancement assists not only with vision and dreamwork, but with opening up all senses some of which are referred to as a "gut-feeling" or a "knowing". 

    Additionally, many have asked us for a blend that helps with dream work, astral projection, and lucid dreaming. This particular blend does just that, especially when used right before bed, or even meditation.

    Scent | anise and earth

    Key ingredients

    • Organic Blue Lotus
    • Organic Mugwort.
    • Organic Dead Salt


    Start by showering and cleansing yourself and your tub. Run a warm bath and add 1-2 oz of the Ritual Bath Blend. Once the salts in the bath blend have dissolved soak in it for up to 30 minutes. Be mindful and take deep, cleansing, slow breaths during a bathing session. Use a drain screen to prevent herbs and particles from clogging your drain or pipes.

    You may receive this blend in a zip-top bag or a screw-top glass jar, as we transition much of our bath line to recyclable and reusable jars.

    All baths are made under the full moon. We focus on utilizing epsom or dead sea salt, organic herbs, and essential oils or flower waters. The fragrance of each bath is created by the herbs and very light addition of essential oil and flower waters as we know that everyone has different sensitivities and prefer the magic shine through over colorful and perfumed product. Custom blends can be requested or made in store | email - info@mxdmagic.com.