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Return to Sender Ritual Bath 5 Ounce

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    Return to Sender should be utilized when you feel under attack. Whether you are in a negative work environment, experience issues with family, an ex lover brings drama, or you feel there's a curse or hex attached to you - Return to Sender reflects the energy back to them and protects you from attack. Use along with your own protection practices and always be mindful and safe.

    Scent | Citrus and spice.

    Key ingredients

    • Organic root and herbs.

    Pairs well with Clear the Air Ritual Spray.


    Start by showering and cleansing yourself and your tub. Run a warm bath and add the full amount of the Return to Sender Bath to your bath water. Once the salts in the bath blend have dissolved soak in it for up to 30 minutes. Be mindful and take deep, cleansing, slow breaths during a bathing session. Picture energy being pulled off of you, cleansed, and sent away. We recommend stepping out onto a clean white towel, drying in a clean white towel, and wearing clean white clothes following this bath. Use a drain screen to prevent herbs and particles from clogging your drain or pipes. You will feel the effects almost immediately ~ based on our own experiences and responses from customers a sensation of relief, weight being lifted, and serenity occurs. 


    All baths are made under the full moon. We focus on utilizing epsom or dead sea salt, organic herbs, and essential oils or flower waters. The fragrance of each bath is created by the herbs and very light addition of essential oil and flower waters as we know that everyone has different sensitivities and prefer the magic shine through over colorful and perfumed product. Custom blends can be requested or made in store | email - info@mxdmagic.com.

    Offered in a recyclable zip-top bag. 

    Please be advised that this item is listed as a curio only, as such the details and results are considered alleged, or for personal entertainment. No claims or guarantees are made to provide any specific results or abilities to the user. The description and properties of the items described are based on personal/spiritual beliefs, and folklore. All items offered are meant to align with the intentions and energies of the user, with this in mind work with it at your own risk and be mindful. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Wow! I slept like a baby!

    When I told DC about some things that had happened in my life recently, she suggested the “Return to Sender” bath. Before the bath, I meditated with satin spar and placed smoky quartz and tourmaline next to my bed, as a friend had suggested. I loved watching the negative energy go down the drain after my bath, I could feel it leaving me! After my bath, I climbed into bed and I slept better than I have slept in years! Wow! I highly recommend this for anyone that is experiencing negative energy, anxiety, or having trouble sleeping! I don’t even know how to describe how much better I feel this morning. Thank you for this, DC!