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Dark Veil Ritual Spray

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    Protection from dark energies. Assists in keeping the use safe during dark magick practices.

    Key Ingredients

    • Obsidian chips
    • 'Spicy' essential oils
    • 'Spicy' roots and herbs.

    Spray around your space, at your altar, on altar tools, and on self to create a protective veil. Dark Veil was created with the intent of either working with or against what's traditionally considered 'dark forces' this could be everything from demon evocation to working against unseen forces that intend to drain or have negative intentions towards you. The focus should be that you are creating a shield, veil, or protective force around you so that you can move through these spaces and energies effectively without 'picking up' unwanted energies. 

    2oz | Recyclable glass bottle

    Please be advised that this item is listed as a curio only, as such the details and results are considered alleged, or for personal entertainment. No claims or guarantees are made to provide any specific results or abilities to the user. The description and properties of the items described are based on personal/spiritual beliefs, and folklore. All items offered are meant to align with the intentions and energies of the user, with this in mind work with it at your own risk and be mindful.