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Clairvoyance Candle 7oz

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    The Clairvoyance Candle smells like warm amber, forest moss, and light vanilla.

    Made with:
    • Soy, Bees Wax and coconut blend wax for a long slow burn.
    • A crackling wood wick.
    • Oils and herbs for a complex scent throw.
    • Visions and intuition stimulating flowers and herbs.

    The Clairvoyance Candle is crafted to bring a little extra magick and divination into your practice. Large chunks of herbs can be left in the candle to burn, and create the sacred smoke and scent to channel the energy and guides needed to read, perform spell work, or better tune your intuition.

    If you have considered astral projection and feel safe to venture into the astral realm, the herbs contained in this candle help assist in crossing the threshold. Do not burn while sleeping or in deep meditation. It is best to burn for a full 1-2 hours prior to attempting astral projection. Once you begin meditation or fall asleep the imagery gathered may be vivid, direct, and sometimes disturbing as the veil is lifted between worlds. Practice wisely.

    Candle tips:
    Herbs, flowers, and roots may cause the candle flame to heighten, smoke, or pop and crack. If you feel these herbs, flowers, or roots are causing a hazard they can be removed using a tweezers. The properties of these dressings are infused in the candle, removing them will not take away from the properties or effect. 

    If you find that your candle flame is low, considering using a tweezers to remove crystals, large herbs, or flowers from softened wax. Soaking up some of the melted wax with tissue will help the flame burn higher and brighter. 

    Candles should always be burned long enough for a layer of wax to pool at the top, this ensures that your candle will last longer and burn well (without tunneling) each time. This is true for almost all candles.

    Remember that the overall burn or experience with your candle is another form of magick and divination. For example: If you have a full burn with little wax, or smoke on the container - your ritual candle had little blockages.

    Please be advised that this item is listed as a curio only, as such the details and results are considered alleged, or for personal entertainment. No claims or guarantees are made to provide any specific results or abilities to the user. The description and properties of the items described are based on personal/spiritual beliefs, and folklore. All items offered are meant to align with the intentions and energies of the user, with this in mind work with it at your own risk and be mindful. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Shawn Johnson
    One really great candle

    So I bought this candle to try out, to give me more of a soothing atmosphere and less a flowery, perfume scent that is so common with candles that I purchase elsewhere. I was pleasantly surprised how this candle was packaged for delivery. Very nicely done. The scent of the candle, without being lit yet, was really pleasant. Lighting the candle in my family room for the first time was absolutely perfect. Soothing, nice smell, not overpowering by any stretch of the imagination. Burns pretty slow too, which is a plus. This is definitely a nice candle to add to your collection, even if you're a guy!