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Black and White Feather

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    A turkey feather dyed white, and black. The idea is to connect with the energy of the powerful and sharp-minded eagle. Whether you place this feather at your altar, or carve the tip into a quill for writing, the connection with the spirit of the eagle is called upon. Focus your intention. Why do you want to connect with this energy? Do you desire to feel the freedom to soar to new heights? Do you desire the sharp mind and agile movements of this powerful bird?

    Waft the smoke of your favorite resin, or incense in your space. Visualizing awakening the eagle spirit that sits in your spirit team. Call on the protection, and watchful eye of the eagle. 

    Thank both the spirit of the Turkey, and the Eagle. For some you may feel more comfortable working with the energy of the Turkey itself, or view this feather a symbolic hybrid.