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Baphomet Ritual Spray

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    Baphomet is a direct representation of the sabbatic goat. The energy utilized when working with Baphomet is that of duality, both dark and light, feminine, and masculine, etc. Allowing both sides to show up balanced creates great power and energy in your craft. Additionally, working with 'dark' energy allows for a cloak of protection through understanding and gnosis. 

    Key Ingredients

    • Unique, organic blend of herbs, roots, and crystals to protect and enhance your craft.
    • Natural yarrow, sulphur (ash, and incense), and warm spice oils.



    Spritz at your altar, or around your space to call the energy generally. For a more focused intent, a candle can be lightly dressed in the spray and burned once the spray has dried. 

    Made with Organic Essential Oils, Organic Herbs, Linen Spray Base, and responsibly-sourced crystals. 

    2oz | Recyclable glass bottle


    Please be advised that this item is listed as a curio only, as such the details and results are considered alleged, or for personal entertainment. No claims or guarantees are made to provide any specific results or abilities to the user. The description and properties of the items described are based on personal/spiritual beliefs, and folklore. All items offered are meant to align with the intentions and energies of the user, with this in mind work with it at your own risk and be mindful. Not for human consumption. Not mean to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or illness. Keep out of reach of children and pets. As with most oils, sprays, and similar goods - a patch test is always recommended to ensure that you are not sensitive to or allergic to any herbs, oils, or other ingredients included in the formula.