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Remiel Ritual Oil

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    Remiel is known by many names, some mistake this fallen angel as Jeremiel but the they are quite different. Despite the title of Fallen Angle or Watcher, Remiel worked diligently to regain favor and in doing so became 'Thunder of God.' Reference in the book of Enoch. 

    Calling on Remiel while using this sacred ritual oil connects the worker to collective understanding. Remiel may begin to impart images, understanding, and premonitions in dreams or day-to-day life. Opening of the mind and minds eye allows the worker to SEE without bias or judgement and know on an instinctual level the ideal paths to take. Ideal for those that provide readings, advice, or knowledge to others.

    In general use - outside of intentional craft or spellwork can unlock the users potential to "trust their gut" more.

    * Crafted through channel work. *

    Key Ingredients

    • Unique, organic blend of herbs and roots to enhance 'knowing.'
    • Natural earth, mint, and grapefruit scent.

    Ritual oils can be used in a variety of ways. 

    • Apply lightly to candles prior to doing spellwork. 
    • Add a few drops to bath water or a foot soak.
    • Place inside of spell bottles.
    • Anoint palms, hands, feet, and forehead.
    • Anoint crystals.

    30mL | Recyclable glass bottle with dropper

    We focus on utilizing organic extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil, organic herbs, and essential oils or flower waters. The fragrance of each oil is created by the herbs and the addition of essential oils. These items are designed for topical use only - do not ingest. Custom blends can be requested or made in store | email - info@mxdmagic.com.

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