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Mini Travel Altar Kit

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    What's included:

    • Selenite Wand
    • Match Book
    • Black T-Light Candle
    • White T-Light Candle
    • Florida Water 2oz
    • White Organza Bag
    • Snowflake Obsidian
    • Amethyst 
    • Clear Quartz
    • Passion Flower
    • Carrying Case

    Value: $30
    Kit Cost: $24

    Created so that you can take your altar with you wherever you go!

    What to do:


    While the travel altar is meant to be personalized and utilized in the way it works best with your craft we will provide a few tips and notes below for those just getting started. 

    Florida Water can be used not only for cleaning and clearing - it draws in blessings and clarity. Splash water on your palms, the bottom of your feet, on the back of your neck and on your forehead to clear your own energy. Feel free to use it around your room, home, car, or anywhere you feel clearing is needed. This is also a natural representation of the water element.

    The Selenite Wand is a great clearing tool and can be waved across your body, a space, other crystals, and altar tools to clear them. Some will also use selenite to draw sigils and symbols in the air or on a physical item. This is also a natural representation of the earth element.

    The White T-Light Candle is a universal candle! Work with this in small candle magick rituals to draw, enhance, or clear.

    The Black T-Light Candle is great for protection and grounding work! Light this during times you feel you need to enhance these elements in your world.

    Both candles and matches are natural representations of the element of fire!

    Matches contain sulfur which helps to breath life into your ritual! Visualize your desires or outcome as you strike the match. There is a natural association with the element of air when utilizing matches.

    Snowflake Obsidian  is known for its ability to cut through the chaos and help bring the truth to the surface. Excellent stone for chaotic family or work environments where ideas or emotions are being hijacked.

    Amethyst may assist you in happiness, calming fear, emotional storms, courage, love, peace, addiction, dreams, helps with insomnia and nightmares, and considered the "stone of peace". 

    Clear Quartz is known for its ability to take on the energy of many other stones or tools. Channeling personal concepts and desires into this crystal programs it to work with you in your craft. 

    The stones and bag can be carried with your throughout the day or meditated with individually to connect with their unique properties.

    The suggestions above are just that! You can make the contents of this kit your own, and follow your own intuition in utilizing each item

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