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Business Success Spell Jar

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    The Business Success Spell Jar is made for those looking to enhance prosperity, abundance, notoriety, popularity, and general ease within your endeavors. 


    • Attract clients
    • Attract opportunities
    • Increase popularity
    • Increase word-of-mouth
    • Promote positive, and kind clients
    • Encourage ease of operations
    • Increase abundance
    • Prosperity
    • Improved conditions of work place


    The Business Success Spell Jar is made with herbs, roots, oils, and crystals that help enhance the desire of it's carrier. To personalize this jar all you need is a small piece of parchment paper, or brown paper from a paper bag.

    • Write your specific intentions for yourself and your business or that of another in present tense (e.g. I am grateful that clients are drawn to my business, and have such a wonderful experience with each visit.)

    • Once you've written your desires, flip the paper and write the name of your business, and the date the business was established or is going to be established.

    • Now roll the paper towards you, and tie this to the bottle, or place both in a bag. This can now be placed in your business/office. 

    Keep in mind that charms, and spells don't work unless we take action in the physical realm. Start acting and performing as if your desires have been realized to be in full alignment with this working.

    All jars are made with organic or wild-crafted herbs and roots, organic oils, and responsibly-sourced crystals. We believe in honoring and working with the energy of the plants and crystals included in each jar - for this reason we tap, awaken, speak desired impact, and thank each ingredient. 

    The jars are made of glass, and have a thick coating of wax atop each. They may break during shipment, and pieces of wax may come off when handling. Please notify us of any issues upon order arrival. 

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