The Shadow Side of Numerology - 111, 1111, 11:11

Typically you see the number one as the source, the great singular power. One can't be divided without disrupting the whole, so it's as if...well…it's the end or beginning point. 

I can go into all the wonderful and pleasant reasons as to why you see 111 or 11:11 or $11.10, and so on but you're not here for that you're here for the less fluffy and sweet version, let's break it down.

You're being selfish

Yes, you. At some point you struck out on a path that was meant to help you enhance your life, others, or both but you've stepped off that path and your guides are asking you to WAKE UP. Time to put yourself in the metaphorical and metaphysical shoes of those you've been engaging with and ask if you're doing what's in everyone's highest good or if you're just being...well, a brat.

Working directly with herbs like honeysuckle and dandelion root can help ground you in a more innocent and receptive state. Try combining these two herbs and carrying them in a sachet or burning them in the morning as you write a letter of gratitude to the people in your life.

You are being given one chance

I know, I know - this one is tough because it kind of forces you to see that all of those opportunities or connections you've had in the past have disappeared. Chances are someone has just given you a new option or suggestion that you're not so willing to hear, so your guides are saying "listen up, this is it."

Adapting to change is the major task at hand in this instance and there are crystals that can help facilitate this journey a good option would be Angel Aura Citrine to help enhance the Crown Chakra and open the mind.

You're focus is too narrow

Perhaps you have been coming at a problem the same way over, and over, and over...well - you get it. They say "repeating the same action while expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity" and that, my sweet soul is your answer. Try something new, a different approach or even a different way of thinking will prove beneficial in your current predicament.

Blockages and past experiences can cause you to go into 'tunnel vision mode' to release consider herbs that remove and protect like Rue. Carry a Protection Spell Bottle with you or make one of your own, and remember to cleanse yourself with smoke and oils daily.

I know, we want to see the positivity in angel numbers and Numerology but if you look at these signs as advice it could save you a world of trouble in the end. 

As always - consider how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and your general life circumstances when you see repeating numbers. Ask for verification and further guidance from your spirit crew if you aren't sure and most importantly listen and apply. 

Bye for now!

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